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Barbara Kraus Practising the Organ.
The shortest Connection between the Hands and the Feet is the Ear.

With introductory remarks and contribution from André Isoir
Translation from German: Carol Guckelsberger
138 note samples, 92 p.
Hamburg 2012.
The translation corresponds to the latest (5th) edition of the German "Techniken des Orgelübens".

„ 'Practising the Organ' is a terrific foray into the art of practicing and a helpful, informative technical 'how-to' resource. Although perhaps most valuable for aspiring organists and students, even mature players would find in its pages food for thought and help in figuring out why that difficult passage continues to be elusive ... How I wish I had this book during my formative years!"
The American Organist Magazine, July 2014

„Perhaps the most useful part of this book is the many practical exercises which follow, all taken from mainstream repertoire to illustrate and provide solutions from everything to integrating the thumb into group-of-four, thumb-crossings, trills, alternate hands, pedal exercises, coordination of hands and feet, polyphonic pedal, etc., etc – all emphasising the vital element of using the disceming ear. ... This book is an invaluable "console-side" resource for organists of all levels."
The Sydney Organ Journal 2/2014

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Barbara Kraus, "Techniken des Orgelübens – Die kürzeste Verbindung zwischen Händen und Füßen ist das Gehör"

(Technique of practising effectively at the organ - the shortest connection between hands and feet is the ear)

with introduction and one chapter by André Isoir

138 examples, 92 p., ISBN 978-3-934417-08-3, 5th edition, Hamburg 2009

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Barbara Kraus, link Andreas Nohr:
"Orgelhandbuch Paris"

(Handbook "Art of Organ in Paris")

„The idea of this book is intriguing-a handbook about the organs of Paris for the visiting organist and friend of the organ. … With "Orgelhandbuch Paris" in hand, German-speaking organists and organ-loving visitors to Paris have a guide to the organ life of this great city.“
The American Organist 3/07

183 fotographs, 236 p., ISBN 978-3-934417-14-4. 2nd edition, Hamburg 2007

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Barbara Kraus, "Organ Method – Basics of Playing Technique and Interpretation"

Starting with organ technique and original repertoire of the 19th and early 20th century, this tutorial book continues with the „Galant Style“ of the late 18th century and finally reaches the Baroque era. This, so to say, historically backward looking approach, enables the student to apply his or her piano knowledges, and at the same time allows to feel technically and aesthetically at home when beginning with the organ. Having attained a certain technical level and a personal feeling for the instrument, the student proceeds by learning something about „classic“ articulation and ornaments, and in the end he or she discovers the great variety of Baroque fingering and footing, declamation, articulation and ornamentation.

95 original pieces of the 18th, 19th and 20th century (J.S. Bach and his sons, Telemann, Walther, Kittel, Knecht, Ritter, Bruckner, Franck, Boellmann, Gigout, Janacek, Distler and others. 82 etudes (30 based on Lied, Choral and Gospel melodies) 160 pages, 1st edition in 2009, 4th edition in 2014.

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Barbara Kraus, "Orgelunterricht – Reflexionen, Methoden und Perspektiven des Unterrichts im künstlerischen Orgelspiel"

(Organ Teaching – Reflections, Methods and Perspectives of Teaching the Artistic Organplaying)

63 examples, 168 p., ISBN 978-3-934417-17-5, ISMN-M-700167-39-4, 3rd edition, Hamburg 2009

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